Flex Zone - Basics

Flex Zone Basic - This class is designed for athletes that are new to flex or those that are looking for a beginner stretch class. Athletes will learn flexibility, as well as body control.   Mondays: 5-6PM Tuesdays: 5-6...

Extreme Flex Zone

Extreme Flex Zone – This class is for athletes that have good flexibility, but are looking the push their skills further. Concentration will be on needles, over stretches and kick scorpions.   Mondays: 5-6PM & 7-8PM Tuesdays: 5-6...

Beginner Layout

Beginner Layout – This class is an introduction to the layout position. Athletes will learn the correct arm placement, body shape, set and form to throw a layout. Athletes will also work on standing tucks and tumbling out of a ...

Advanced Layout

Advanced Layout – This class is the next step to mastering the layout. Athletes will continue to work on strength and control to throw beautiful layouts as well as introducing specialty connecting skills. Tuesdays: 5-6pm Thursdays 6-7pm
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