About Us

January 2003 Midwest Cheer Elite opened it’s doors for the first time in West Chester, Ohio. With a little over 8000 sq ft and 65 athletes, it wasn’t long until Midwest became the largest gym in Southwest, Ohio. Now, in 2016, Midwest Cheer Elite has 6 locations with the West Chester location housing over 500 all-stars and 1000 athletes who simply attend for tumbling classes and private lessons!

With over 25 staff member and 5 locations in Ohio as well as one in Ft Myers, Florida… Midwest was able to provide amazing services to families and athletes in the midwest. The current West Chester location is over 34,000 sq feet with four full spring floors, a 10,000 sq ft dance room, inground tumble traks and pits as well as a parent viewing area… and it’s housed in the same building as a roller rink!!

In 2011, Midwest Cheer Elite was honored to receive the Chairmans Cup Award at the Worlds VIP Ceremony as well as have staff as part of the top four nominees for both Gym Owner of the Year and Coach of the Year!

This year, Midwest Cheer Elite looks forward to expanding their services in both the dance industry as well as servicing our area high schools and rec programs. Things are only looking up for Midwest Cheer Elite!!

Midwest Cheer Academy